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Simband API documentation, for accessing data from sensors and algorithms.
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vobio::stream Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 stream (const stream &)=default
 stream (stream &&)=default
 stream (vobio_stream_id_h stream)
 stream (const std::string &type)
 stream (const std::string &type, int index)
std::string keyword () const
std::string type () const
std::string description () const
float sampleRate () const
vobio_stream_category_e category () const
std::string getEnumName (float v) const
vobio::stream confidence () const
vobio::stream visual () const
vobio::stream beats () const
vobio::stream typical () const
vobio::stream overlay (const char *o) const
 operator vobio_stream_id_h () const
 operator bool () const
streamoperator= (const stream &)=default
streamoperator= (vobio_stream_id_h s)
bool operator== (const stream &o) const
bool operator!= (const stream &o) const

Static Public Member Functions

static stream fromKeyword (const std::string &keyword)
static std::vector< streamgetAllByType (const std::string &type)


bool operator== (const stream &s1, vobio_stream_id_h s2)

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