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vobio::receiver Class Reference

A class that wraps vobio_receiver_h. More...

#include <vobio.hpp>

Public Types

typedef std::function< void(double
timestamp, const float
*samples, int numSamples)> 
typedef std::function< void(double
timestamp, pack_t)> 
typedef std::function< void(double
timestamp, float value)> 
typedef std::function< void(double
typedef std::function< void()> callback5

Public Member Functions

 receiver (const receiver &)=default
 receiver (receiver &&)=default
 receiver (vobio_stream_id_h stream)
 receiver (const clock &c, vobio_stream_id_h stream)
template<typename Callback >
 receiver (vobio_stream_id_h stream, Callback cb)
template<typename Callback >
 receiver (const clock &c, vobio_stream_id_h stream, Callback cb)
receiveroperator= (const receiver &)=default
bool operator== (const receiver &o) const
bool operator!= (const receiver &o) const
 operator bool () const
void setCallback (callback1)
void setCallback (callback2)
void setCallback (callback3)
void setCallback (callback4)
void setCallback (callback5)
void resetCallback ()
vobio::stream stream () const

Detailed Description

A class that wraps vobio_receiver_h.

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